Queen of Netherland Visits Subol Hospital

Queen Maxima of Netherland along with her convoys Visits Subol Hospital on 31st October, 2017 for the assesment of Lagos State free healthcare scheme.

DSC 0331

Queen Maxima of Netherland with the antenatal patients of Subol Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Queen of Netherland Maxima visits Subol hospital as the only private healthcare facility in Nigeria that runs the Lagos State free healthcare pilot scheme for extremely low income earners in Lagos State.

This is a scheme that operates using the beneficiary's phone number as means of registration.

 Queen Maxima Visitation

Queen Maxima of Netherland with the Medical Director of Subol Hospital during the Lagos State Free Healthcare Pilot Scheme.

DSC 0366

The Queen of Netherland with the management of Subol Hospital and Pharm Access Staff