Frequently Asked Question

Q) Where is Subol Hospital located ?
A) Idimu Lagos

Q) Can i see the medical director ?
A) Yes, on appointment, Mon - Fri (10am - 3pm)

Q) Do Subol Hospital has a Gynecologist ?
A) Yes we do

Q) Do Subol Hospital give immunization ?
A) Yes we do

Q) When is Subol Hospital Antenatal clinic ?
A) Eevry Teusday and Thursday of every week

Q) What is Subol Hospital's hotline ?
A) 911-117-1617, 0911-127-1617 and 0911-137-1617

Q) What is Subol Hospital's email ?
A) info@subolhospital.com

Q) Why do Subol Hospital doctors enter my data on a laptop ?
A) We currently use EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software for all our operations